Body and mind therapist during pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond.

logo de todo corazon

De todo corazón [with all my heart] these 3 words in Spanish to tell you of my origins, what motivates me, what I hold in my heart, all that I wish to share with you. These words that accompany me from the beginning of this journey, in each of our encounters, in each circle, at each forest bath, my attention is with you.


Who is behind De todo corazón?

I am Paulina, a trained Social Psychologist , former social worker, mother of two little rays of sunshine, passionate for plants and in full renaissance or rather « matrescence ».
Of Mexican origin, a thirst for adventure, I have made my home in Belgium since 2010 to continue my studies and to accompany many young people and families coming from all horizons.
I have always been fascinated by the strength of community, the importance of tradition and the wisdom of women around me. Being inexperienced, I did not realise how much I would miss all this during my post-partums!

My renaissance started with my first pregnancy. With my partner, we decided to prepare for the birth. This was a real gift for our family that enabled each one of us to find their place and to reconnect with my own history, my traditions and my very deep feelings and I started to dream a little about my future linked to parenthood, motherhood, to post-partum and care of oneself.
My second pregnancy abruptly ended with a miscarriage which tested the link between my body and my spirit, which has changed me forever and is at that time that I discovered psychocorporal care..
My third pregnancy was marked between the strange feelings of fear and joy., taking care of myself, regaining confidence in my body and my child.

At the birth of my second child, I decided to stop dreaming and to change my life, to take care of myself and you. To put women to be the centre of my work, to accompany you in each period of your life marked by transformation, mainly pregnancy and post-partum, gaining confidence in your body and yourself, and as well as listening to you and your deepest feelings within your being, to honour the feminine body, to celebrate life and to celebrate YOU!