Postpartum Apapachos* for the new mother


Apapacho comes from the word apapachar – a word of
Nahuatl origin very widespread in Latin American countries which refers to something that goes beyond physical contact. The closest translation is « kiss or caress with the
soul ». Apapacho means affection, comfort, pampering, tenderness.Far from the
simple touch.

Closing of the bones ceremony

Closing of the bones ceremony

This ceremony softens any transition or passage of life such as a breakup, termination of pregnancy, a career change, a marriage, a mourning, a major life change, but also simply to enjoy life and to take care of oneself.

A journey within one’s self.

The Rebozo is the name
given to the shawl of Mexican origin that women use initially to cover oneself, carry children, shopping or to take care of other women throughout their lives.
In Mexico,midwives and traditional « parteras » use it to massage, relieve pain, aid  the suffering of the bodies of women after a pregnancy, a termination of a pregancy and postpartum but not only that …is one of the main elements of the closing of the bones ceremony which is also an inner journey to honour women’s bodies in all their glory.

It allows both physical and spiritual closures, it brings support, clarity and marks a
new beginning, a new page to write. This psycho-corporal moment is of an exceptional
power and allows those who receive it, to pause, realign and to reclaim their bodies
and emotions. 
The common thread of the ceremonyt is the rise of heat and an intention. We take the
time to discuss and get to know each other and to set your goals for the ceremony.
A  herbal tea with warming spices will  be offered throughout your seance. The
closing of the bones ceremony lasts about 3 hours and consists of 4 phases with much love and kindness. 
° a four-hand massage with hot oil to enhance deep relaxation.

°a floral bath with aromatic herbs

°a relaxing ad meditating moment under the blankets

°a wrapping and tightening of the body in 7 key points using the Rebozo.

I propose this ceremony together  with Amandine Schneider or Celine Penneman according to their availability and we accompany you for this ceremony in my cocoon (300 Euros) or at your place (350 Euros) and if you wish you can be accompanied by your

I can receive you at my home in Louvain-La-Neuve, in
Bruxelles @AldeaVillage des Femmes and at Centre de réference en périnatalité in Genappe.

Baño de Hierbas

An Apapacho by the new mother.

The traditional Mexican herbal bath is normally given at the end of the first forty days of postpartum for women who wish to benefit from a better and much quicker recuperation.  
The bath helps to eliminate the toxins, the liquids and accumulated tiredness, as well as to help the tissues and bones to find their place after expanding and opening
during pregnancy and childbirth. 
According to traditional Mexican medicine, this ritual is recommended once the quarantine is over, the bleeding has stopped or the body feels ready to close the
transformative stage of life (pregnancy and childbirth).

Certain women choose to do this ritual once the baby is one year old. 
The benefits of this ritual have no expiry date and are as powerful for vaginal births
as they are for caesarean deliveries or to go through mourning during a termination
of pregnancy.

The herbal bath is a powerful ritual that helps us integrate the
experience having given birth both in the body and in the heart. It releases the body
from the stress of childbirth and induces a deep rest that we so badly need.
The herb bath is above all an Apapacho for the mother, a moment of well-being
where the mother feels looked after, listened to and honoured. I take care of the new mum as a precious being, a goddess.
When you get out of the bath, a Rebozo massage is practised to close your
emotions, release you and give you that hug we nee in our daily life.

A herb bath takes about one and half hours to two hours. (Price 120 euros) and this
is done in a very artisanale way, each herb is chosen individually according to your
profile and your needs so they can do their work by allowing you to release all the tensions that you do have no need for.

Tailor-made psycho-corporal accompaniement

The undeniable link between our body
and our mind.

psycho-corporal support is based on the communication between the body and the mind. Psycho-corporal care is based on the principle of communication between the body and the emotions and the possibility of acting on one to relieve the other.
In my cocoon or at to your home as often as you wish to care of you and listen to
you and by offering specific psycho-corporal activities such as moments of deep relaxation, closing of the hips,,
a floral bath, a massage.

I will listen with all my heart and without judgements to the story of the birth, the termination of the pregnancy and/or a quest to find a meaning and the difficulties encountered; to support you at all levels during this transformative period.
Starting from the month of June, on Thurday’s afternoon I will welcome you to
the Centre deréférence en périnatalite in Genappe, in Brabant Wallon.

Do not hesitate to contact
me directly for an appointment by SMS on 0498015111 or by email
Two types of appointments are possible : a short one for 60 minutes (60 Euros) or a
longer one of 90 minutes, ideal for a flower bath, massage for a price of 90 Euros.